Palladian Shelf Installation Instructions

April 27, 2016 2


Palladian Shelf Installation Instructions 

Cautionary Note:

The palladian shelf must be mounted to a flat vertical surface. If the installation is inside an arch, be sure that the curve

of the arch begins at or above the top of the shelf. As with all installations, make sure that the product remains level. 

How to Install Palladian Shelf

1) Loosen the two #8 screws on top of the shelf. These will secure the shelf to the brackets later.  2) Remove the 3" screws from the end of the shelf. These attach the brackets to the wall.  3) In order to find the correct bracket position, place the top of the shelf at the desired height. 4) Mark the top of the shelf. To find the top of the brackets, measure down 3/8". To find the center of the brackets (where the screws attach) measure down 3/4". Either is correct. 5) Secure the brackets inside the opening. 6) Slide the palladian shelf onto the brackets. 7) Secure the shelf to the brackets by re-tightening the two #8 screws on the top of the shelf.

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