Palladian Shelves - Perfect For These Window Types!

May 30, 2016 Jason Roellchen

If you are new to our site - or even a returning browser - you may be wondering what types of windows our palladian shelves work best with. The truth is, our shelves were designed with three main window shapes in mind - arch (palladian), specialty and unusually tall windows. Read on for details on why you should use our palladian shelves on your next window coverings project if you have these types of windows in your home.  

Arch Windows

Specialty Shape Window Palladian ShelvesMany arch or palladian style windows do not have a defining brace between the arch and the lower part of the window. This usually results in having to use inferior side mount or angle iron hardware for window treatments that require top mounting. This not only makes it more difficult to install but the hardware is still visible once your window treatments are in place. Now you’re stuck with out of place hardware that brings down the entire look and feel of your window treatments. Even if your window treatment installation is a DIY project, you don’t want it to LOOK that way! Using our palladian shelves, gives a mounting brace for top mounted window treatments and can be made to match either the trim of your window casing or the color of your window treatments so that it blends in completely and naturally. The best part about our palladian shelves is that, once installed, they are not noticeable to the unknowing eye!  

Specialty Shape Windows

Arch Windows Palladian ShelvesMany specialty shape windows are, by nature, oddly shaped and not easily covered. Some are quite large and have no natural breaks along the interior of the window opening. This limits window treatment options considerably. Our palladian shelves can be used at one or multiple levels on large, oddly shaped windows to create as many breaks as you want. Take the image to your left - that window technically has 10 panes separated only be ornamental trim. You could install palladian shelves along both horizontal breaks to allow you to effectively break the window into smaller ones so that multiple shades could be installed. This will give you maximum control over incoming natural light, privacy and, of course, the ambiance of the room as a whole. You could realistically install 10 shades on the window to the left and have limitless options for light and privacy control.  

Tall Windows

Tall Windows Palladian ShelvesWhat happens when your windows are too tall for the shades or blinds you’ve selected for your home? What if you only want to cover part or half of a tall window, leaving the top open for natural light and effect? That is where our palladian shelves come in. Even for windows that aren’t arched or oddly shaped, you may want more than expensive and limiting curtains or draperies. Adding palladian shelves to these kinds of windows will enable you to install standard length shades or blinds at multiple points along any window - no matter how wide or tall. And let’s face it - standard sized window treatments are way less expensive than large, custom treatments!

Palladian Shelves - Never Settle Again!

No matter what style or size window you have, we have palladian shelves to make your window covering exactly what you want it to be Don’t let your arch, specialty shape or large sized windows intimidate you - and don’t let others sell you on unsightly mounting hardware that sticks out like a sore thumb! Contact us today if you have any questions on how to use/install our palladian shelves and click here to get yours now!

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