Top Down Bottom Up Shades

May 12, 2016 Jason Roellchen

Do you have arch-style or specialty shape windows that you have no idea how to cover? Are you looking for more than a simple “open/shut” function to add versatility as well as elegance? Top down bottom up shades may be the solution you’ve been looking for!


Why Top Down Bottom Up Shades?

Top Down Bottom Up Shades - Palladian ShelfThe best thing about top down bottom up shades is their versatility. You can lower the top, raise the bottom or any point in between to create the perfect ambiance for your home. Lowering the top allows sunlight to flood into the room across the ceiling so that your home gets plenty of natural light without it being overwhelming. Raising the bottom can give you, your little ones (and your furry ones!) an unobstructed view to the outside world.  Both of these options offer plenty of privacy and light control, depending on how far up you raise the bottom, or lower the top. The entire middle section can be adjusted to create the perfect atmosphere for your mood. There are many window treatments that come with the top down bottom up operating system - the most popular being sheer shadings, roman shades and honeycomb shades.


Houston, We Have A Problem!

Top Down Bottom Up Shades - Palladian ShelfTop down bottom up shades sound great, right? The perfect blend of light control and privacy in plenty of styles, fabrics and colors. The only drawback (albeit a temporary one - as you’ll see below) is that shades with this feature need to be top mounted. Not an issue at all if you have standard square windows...but what about arches or specialty shaped windows? Most of those windows don’t have a natural support in place for you to install top mounted window treatments. Palladian or arch-style windows usually have no supporting structure between the arch itself and the rest of the window opening. Specialty shaped windows may have natural support, but not in the right places for the look you want to accomplish. What next?


Palladian Shelves To The Rescue!

Top Down Bottom Up Shades - Palladian ShelfYou could try alternate side mounting brackets, but that will leave unsightly hardware ruining the lines and elegance of your windows. No one wants that! What’s our solution, you ask? Palladian Shelves! Our palladian shelves are wood support braces specifically designed to give your windows a “top” so that you can choose where your opening starts - whether you are dealing with an arch-style palladian window, an oddly shaped window or even a large window that you would like to have broken up to expand your window covering options. Once the palladian shelf is installed, you have a stable shelf to which you can install your top down bottom up shades! And the best part is, our palladian shelves come in a variety of paint color and wood stain options so that, once installed, they look like a natural part of your window or shades. They blend in to give your window and your window coverings center stage!




Our palladian shelves will work seamlessly with your top down bottom up shades, giving you full control over where the top of your window opening starts - and most won’t even notice it’s there! All they will see is your wonderful view and your great taste in window treatments! Order yours today!

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