Palladian Shelf

Broaden Your Floor To Ceiling Window Covering Options With Palladian Shelves

April 27, 2016 2

Are you looking for ways to cover your floor to ceiling window without destroying your view? Large windows have a tendency to limit your options when it comes to window coverings - even worse, they have a tendency to limit functionality in controlling your view and incoming light. Our Solution? Palladian Shelves! Installing palladian shelves at key areas on your floor to ceiling window allows you to essentially break them up so that you have more options of control without losing your view. Increased Light Control Instead of having one large shade or blind covering your floor to ceiling window,...

Motorized Shades and Palladian Shelves - The Perfect Duo For Any Arch-Style Window

April 20, 2016 2

Are you tired of trying to find the perfect idea to outfit your palladium windows? Our palladian shelves work seamlessly with motorized shades to give you the look and functionality you've been searching for!

Blinds, Shades - Anything to cover my Palladium window!

April 06, 2016 2

Blinds, Shades, and Palladium Windows OH MY! Palladium windows.  Such a lovely architectural element to any home.  That is until you need to cover them with a blind, shade or any type of window covering.  Plantation shutters can cover them, but with a long lead time and hefty price tag it might not fit into everyone's budget.  So what do you do for your palladium window that needs a blind or shade?  You break that opening into manageable pieces with Palladian shelves. What is a Palladian shelf and why does my Palladium window need one? It would be nice if every...

Vinyl Windows ? How to Hang Blinds

February 05, 2016 2

How to hang blinds on vinyl windows! Vinyl windows with no natural breaks can be a tough problem to solve.  When it comes to covering them with blinds or window treatments Palladian shelves are the perfect solution.  Create a natural and sturdy spot to mount any kind of custom window treatment. Vinyl Windows - Cover them with style We had a blind installer in Chicago submit some photos of a Hunter Douglas Pirouette project with tall vinyl windows.  There were 3 large windows that covered both stories of this 19th century row home.  No custom window covering solution would cleanly cover the openings...