Below are the most frequently asked questions about our Palladian Shelf. If you have questions that are not answered below, please feel free to email us at palladian.shelf@gmail.com!


Q. What is the difference between a Palladium shelf and a Palladian shelf?

A. Nothing. The correct term is Palladian Shelf, as they are named for the window they were designed to be used with – Palladian Windows. They have sometimes been referred to as Palladium windows, but that is a misnomer.


Q. What are the shelves made of?

A. The shelves are made of an American Hardwood called Basswood. Basswood is tight grained, light weight, and extremely resistant to cupping, bowing, and twisting – making the Palladian Shelf a solid choice for your window coverings support.


Q. When I order an Unfinished shelf will I be able to paint or stain it myself?

A. Our unfinished shelves come standard in a stainable grade wood, which means that you can both paint and stain your shelf without issue.


Q. When I stain the Palladian Shelf how can I expect the stain to “take”?

A. The Palladian shelf stains common to your typical white pine wood or birch wood. As with any staining application, the way you stain the wood is what allows you to intensify the stain to get it as close as possible to your existing trim or window casing. There are many articles available online that explain tips and tricks for getting new stains to match existing trim or furniture.


Q. How tall is the Palladian Shelf, and do I need to accommodate for its height when ordering my new window coverings?

A. Each Palladian Shelf is 1 1/2″ tall. Depending on the type of shade being used, the drop height can be crucial to your new shades looking and functioning properly. If you cannot displace the height of the shelf into your window dimensions, then you will need to reduce the height of your newly ordered window coverings.


Q. If I decide I do not want my Palladian Shelf, will I be able to return it?

A. No. Each shelf is custom made at the time of order. Because these are all custom products, the orders cannot be cancelled once production starts and the finished products cannot be modified or returned after receipt.


Q. Can I get a sample mailed to me so I can make sure the shelf will match my existing trim?

A. Sample shelves can be ordered from our products page.